City of Mansfield Supports MMS Duo’s Recycling Effort


Article by Natalie Alliison

Mansfield Middle School 7th grade FBLA students, Natalie Allison (Left) and Kinley Hanfelder (Right) realized there was a need for Mansfield to start recycling. They put recycling bins in each hall way of the middle school, so the students could recycle their plastics, paper, and cardboard. That’s when the girls realized there was not a place to recycle tin cans in the town.

Natalie and Kinley then wrote a letter to acting Mansfield Mayor, Mrs. Becky Walker, asking if they could get a recycling bin for tin cans. Thanks to Natalie and Kinley and the help of Mrs. Walker, there is now a place to recycle tin cans. The girls want to thank Mrs. Walker so much for her support with this project. The girls want to encourage the towns people to help on recycling too! Please start recycling and drop off your recyclable goods at the Mansfield Water Department. Thank You!

You can read more about their efforts in an article we previously posted HERE

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