MMS FBLA Students Support Recycling Initiative

Article by Chandlan Silvey, MMS FBLA President

Mansfield Middle School FBLA, led by Natalie Allison, organized a recycling project for our school and encouraged our community to do the same. With the help of Mr. Fisher, MMS Principal, she organized containers throughout the school to place plastic in.

Referencing the above image, Kinley Hanfelder (Left) and Natalie Allison (Right) work diligently on the Middle School FBLA recycling project.  One of their daily/weekly jobs are to sort the appropriate recyclable materials from ordinary waste items.

At the middle school we recycle paper, plastic, and cardboard. Each day Chandlan Silvey and Travis Martin gather up the cardboard and Alina Lawhon and Sara Smith gather up the paper. Natalie has teamed with a Mansfield High School EAST Student to come once a week to the middle school and take the recycling to the Mansfield Water Department. Natalie Allison and Kinley Hanfelder wrote a letter to Becky Walker, asking that she consider putting a recycling container to recycle metal at the Water Department. Natalie and Kinley are awaiting her reply.


Pictured above, Middle School students and 7th grade FBLA members, Alina Lawhon (Left) and Sara Smith (Right) working hard to support a recycling initiative at the Middle School.  Multiple 7th grade students have started working on the recycling projects at the Middle School.

Mr. Fisher helped Natalie send out a school text asking our parents to please participate in this recycling project.

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