Waste Water Woes Continue


by Tammy Moore Teague

After reading the week’s report on the progress being made at the waste water plant Mayor Dr. Austin stated, “I think we are making good progress,”. He continued, reporting the cost of replacing the failed pump and the purchase of a second pump totaling just under 20k. The plan, he added, was for one of the pumps currently in operation to serve as a back up once the new pumps are installed. Neither the Publics Works Department Supervisor, Ken Swilling or general laborer, Braden Purcell’s presence is required for special meetings.

Failure to replace a malfunctioning part yielded costly. Purcell claimed that because he wasn’t given the liberty to make important decisions and purchases for the plant, a part went unrepaired and ultimately the pump failed. Austin reported that they had already purchased the pumps from Global Energy Solutions and that they were to be delivered within the week.

However, as the city continues to concentrate on the problems plaguing the waste water plant, citizens are voicing concerns of other business they feel is being neglected.

It was Mansfield resident Bobby Musgrove, who said “all we are worried about is water and sewer…when are we gonna get some of these holes fixed in the streets?” He went on to say that that there is a lack of maintenance not only in our streets but also in the ditches. He then went on to reference the tax for street maintenance and repair. “What are we doing with that money…where is the money for streets going?” Concluding that these needed repairs are more important than building walking trails around the lake.

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