Waldron Bulldogs Pilfer Win From Pirates


In their last conference game of the season, the Waldron Bulldogs faced the Cedarville Pirates in a self-assuring in-your-face total control baseball match. The five-inning game was slow to start as zero runs were placed on the board in the first two innings. By the last three innings, the Bulldogs had smacked out 13 runs to the Pirates 1 ending the game.

Ruben Valdez grabbed one run and one runner batted in. Bryson Bailey secured one run, one, hit, and one RBI. Seth Hunt scored two runs, two hits, one RBI, one steal, and one putout. Drake Carnley netted one run, one RBI, and one putout. Clayton Montgomery earned two runs and one RBI. Braden Williams snagged two runs, two hits, and one RBI.

Blake Owens logged two runs, three hits, three RBI, and three assists. Caden Fuller took one steal and two hits. Lone senior of the team is Tyler Owens. Tyler obtained two runs, one hit, one RBI, and one putout. Also pitching for the Bulldogs, he threw out 88 pitches to 18 batters striking out 11. Tylers 0.61 ERA is amongst the top in the state in all classifications. He is a four-year letterman and starter and has played every varsity position except second base and shortstop. Tyler’s totals on the season so far are 13 hits, 8 runs, 8 RBI, 716 pitches to 169 batters, and 80 strikeouts.

The Bulldogs are sitting 4-12 in total season play and 4-6 in conference. Districts will be held later this week so until then the Bulldogs will fine-tune their skills and get focused on dominating their bracket.

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