Vandals Mark Memorial Mile Highway Sign


By Tammy Moore Teague

Two years ago a memorial mile highway sign was erected honoring the lives of former Scott County Sheriff Cody Carpenter and Arkansas Game and Fish Wildlife Officer Joel Campora. 

It wasn’t long after that sign went up that it was stolen. The community and the families of both heroes were deeply shaken and upset by further loss.

The highway sign has since been replaced, however a week before the anniversary of his passing the sign was vandalized. “Please, this not only bothers us as his family but we know there is a community upset,” Cody’s wife, Amie Carpenter said.

She implored anyone who has information on the person or persons involved to contact the Scott County Sheriff’s Department. Additionally, anyone who reaches out can do so anonymously. The number to call is 479-207-2024 or 479-637-4155.

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