The Waldron Bulldogs Are Comin’ For Ya


#15 Caden Fuller

On March 1, the Waldron Bulldogs hosted the DeQueen Leopards to a little game of baseball. Playing their second game of the season, the Bulldogs already have great team chemistry and a rhythm to the madness. Although Waldron lost Fridays home non-conference game, it wasn’t from a lack of trying.

By the second inning, DeQueen had already put five runs on the board leaving Waldron behind with one. Refusing to go down without a fight, the Bulldogs put three runs up in the fourth inning bringing the score to 5-4 Leopards. After all was said and done, the final score of the evening read 13-6 DeQueen.

Batting for the Bulldogs was Braden Williams and Caden Fuller with two hits apiece. Also helping out with one hit each was Drake Carnley, Clayton Montgomery, and Tyler Owens. Assisting with their quickness in the runs department was Braden Williams with two and Clayton Montgomery, Drake Carnley, Payton Brown, and Tyler Owens with one each. In a sport where stealing is a good thing, Drake Carnley, Payton Brown, and Braden Williams all accomplished stealing a base.

When it comes to pitching, the Bulldogs are blessed with three extremely talented pitchers. Seth Hunt ended the game by throwing out 94 pitches. He faced 27 batters and struck out three of them. Clayton Montgomery ended the game with a pitching record of 42. He went up against 12 batters striking out four of them. And knocking out 27 pitches to five batters striking out one was Caden Fuller.

Waldron is anxiously awaiting their next ballgame on Thursday, March 7 when they get to face the Booneville Bearcats on the Bulldogs home turf at 4:30 p.m.

Picture By Sandy Tull

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