The Reaper Report: Week 1


This past Saturday, our area kicked off the beginning of a new era as the Ouachita Reapers played their first game at their new home in Waldron. Although they suffered a 44-0 loss to the Arkansas Silverbacks, the feeling of merely being at a Semi-Pro football game was electric.

Ouachita Reapers vs Arkansas Silverbacks

The Ouachita Reapers played toe to toe with the Silverbacks ending the first quarter only down 6-0. Their “Ground and Pound” offense smashed the Silverbacks in the mouth on each offensive play and the Reaper defense swarmed to the ball making big hits. As the game went on, more players turned out for the Silverbacks allowing them to sub out players consistently as the Reapers played with what they had. The Reapers were forced to play many players on both sides of the ball creating noticeable exhaustion on the squad. The Silverbacks took advantage of the Reapers exhaustion and ran away with the game from there.

#39 Eric Sorenson going in for the takedown

With the game closing out and the rain moving in, you’d think players would be hanging their heads and fans would be clearing the stands, but that was not the case. Fans broke out umbrellas to stick it out until the bitter end. An injured Reaper even took time to take cover with a young fan in the stands to talk with him.

#20 JoJo Wright running the ball

Considering all things going against the Ouachita Reapers in their first game of the season, it was a success to many. The Reapers will be at home again this Saturday, March 30 as they face off against the Dallas Bulldogs at 3:00 p.m. Come out and pack the stands for the, no, OUR Ouachita Reapers.

Ouachita Reapers

Organiser and player, Wesley Allen Schuller, had this to say about the game. “Although the final score was lopsided, we still played a good game. Our offense was able to move the ball on the ground decently. We definetly need to get more players though. Exhaustion and injuries will pile up quick.”

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