Thank you, Daniel Boyles


Darrell Spells, RESIDENT PRESS Contributor reports on his personal experience with Wednesday’s grass fire, and who showed up to help. This is community!

On 2-22-2016 the Hackett Fire Department, and Police Department responded to a grass fire in the 19000 block of Highway 45 North.

As I walked through the smoke of the fire to assist I saw a familiar face.

Along with exhausted men who were trying to use buckets of water to contain the fast spreading fire stood Eighteen-year-old, Daniel Boyles. He’s a familiar face among residents of Hackett. Whether it be his time on the football team or through his time at Hackett High, Daniel is a fixture in Hackett.

As Daniel stood there, leaned over the five-gallon bucket full of water, and visibly exhausted, I asked was this a relative’s house who he happened to be staying at? Daniel simply replied “No. We just saw the flames and smoke and stopped to help.”

Daniel Boyles is seen here leaning over his water bucket as he was approached by Hackett Police Chief, Darrell Spells.

As I took the heavy bucket from Daniel, he directed me to the spot he had been working on to keep the fire from spreading. Daniel knew he had to do everything he could to keep the fire from spreading to the neighboring property and was actively working on extinguishing the fire along a fence line.

Through Daniel’s actions, they were able to keep the fire from spreading until Hackett Fire Department could arrive. Daniel is a true reflection of the Hackett community. Always looking out for his fellow neighbor.

Great job Daniel Boyles!!

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  1. Byra Burke says:

    Love being from Hackett. Makes me proud. Thank you young man and Cheif Spells we are blessed to have you

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