Sweet 16 in Quarantine


Birthdays are always special. Especially when it’s your 16th birthday. Celebrating a year closer to being an adult, the ability to drive, and the freedom that accompanies the privilege.

Wait. Freedom? Not in this case….

Natalie Allison who has been quarantined for two weeks celebrated her birthday in a not so typical, but typical way this evening. With many families resulting to moving parades, sending their loved ones well wishes from a safe distance, Allison’s party on wheels was one that could not be missed.

15 vehicles adorned with balloons, and streamers lined up and proceeded towards the surprise, and impromptu visit. Honking horns, with voices screaming, “We love you, Nat!” being yelled from the vehicles as they passed.

It was fitting for the now 16 year old to be celebrated in such a glamorous fashion.

Confetti explodes from the bed of a parade participants truck.

Nothing but smiles from friends and family.

Mom, Miranda Allison couldn’t wait to see her daughter and was overcome with tears of joy for the first hug in two weeks.

Birthday buddies!

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  1. Theo says:

    This is just one of many reasons why I love resident press their staff and what they do. They’re focus has always been community and reporting unbiased news. But by celebrating this girls birthday and showing the world that kindness still rules is yet another example of how resident press beats main stream news every day. Happy Birthdsy young lady.

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