Sterling Resigns from Mansfield City Council


During Thursday nights regular scheduled meeting, City attorney, Matt Ketchum was asked to give his monthly report. [Facebook LIVE 1:05 mark]

In doing so, Ketchum reviewed the criteria for the council to vote, initiated by a motion to overturn the Mayor’s veto in regards to the councils motion to revise the personnel policy, from Mayor to City Treasurer, previously voted unanimously.

Following Ketchum’s advice, the council called by name, gave their vote to overturn the veto, with Sterling stating, “No” as his vote to not overturn the veto. The motion needed 2/3 (majority) to pass, which was 4 of the 6 members.


A vote for McFadden is a vote for ALL people!

Immediately stating his vote, Sterling stated, “I resign. I’m out” then left the building

The motion went on to pass with the remaining 5 council members voting for the motion.

Previously, Sterling joined the collective council members in asking for the Mayor’s resignation.

We’ve reached out to Sterling for a statement, but have yet to receive a response.

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One Reply to “Sterling Resigns from Mansfield City Council”

  1. Fed up citizen says:

    Well that brings up all kinds of questions! Would sure love to know why the change of heart and the reason for extremely unprofessional resignation!

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