Start your Gardens!


If you haven’t already started planning, or working on your garden, don’t worry, it’s not too late!

We’ve noticed several people just starting to plant, which with the weather, it’s almost perfect timing. Have you considered a raised bed garden this year? LINK to previous article

Raised bed gardens take out alot of the major element that tend to cause headache, and heartache with gardeners.


The ease of the raised bed not only offers a taller work area, less wear/tear on your joints, but it also confines, and limits you, which is not always bad. Some think that we all need this GINORMOUS garden to produce a yield large enough to sustain us through the year.

Both truth, and fiction, if done right, a raised bed garden can produce all through Summer, and is actually more enjoyable for the younger generations, which is where we should be focusing on passing down the tradition.

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