Sr Hornets Swatted Down By West Fork


In last Friday’s match-up between Hackett and West Fork, the Tigers kept the Hornets grounded with a final score of 28-12. Although this was the third straight conference loss for the Sr Hornets, they remain focused and undeterred about their final two games of the season. The Hornets got Friday’s game hopping as they delivered the first touchdown of the night. The Tigers were held on the scoreboard until the 2nd quarter when they broke loose of Hackett’s grip and secured 7 points.

The game went into halftime as either team’s chance to win with a score of 7-6 West Fork. The third quarter saw both teams throwing points up but unfortunately, that’s where the train stopped for Hackett. With the Hornets unable to match any more points in the fourth quarter, the game came to an end 28-12 Tigers. Hackett now sits 1-3 in conference play with two games left in the season. “They did a really good job of controlling the clock,” explained coach, Michael Meador. “West Fork’s offense is very difficult to stop. We had our chances on offense and didn’t finish.”

“Football is about as similar as it can be in life. There are times when you are going through a rough patch and you have to keep working. Keep pushing through and that’s what we are continuing to tell our athletes.” QB, Ethan “Superman” Slavens ended the night with 15 passes for 193 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT. Weston Winters made 19 carries for 76 yards. Peyton Hester snagged 8 catches for 159 yards and 1 TD. And Fischer Shipman made 2 catches for 16 yards and 1 TD. Defensively, Peyton Hester got 12 solo tackles and 7 assists. Weston Winters earned 8 solos, 4 assists, and 1 INT. Mason Oelke scored 6 solos and 3 assists. Nate Gordon grabbed 4 solos and 2 assists. And Jesse Esparza finished with 5 solos and 3 assists.

“We still have games left so we can keep pushing to get better. We can still make a run in the playoffs and we believe we can. The playoffs will be so crazy and the team that can adjust the best will make a run.” The Hackett Sr Hornets have the Greenland Pirates and the Mansfield Tigers left on their schedule. First up Hackett will host Greenland (4-1) on Friday, October 30. “Greenland has several skill guys that can get up and go and they have a D-Lineman that has been approached by the Hogs. It looks like it will be another tough game but we will be ready!”

Photos courtesy of Mandy Foster

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