SPECIAL Mansfield City Council Meeting Thursday


During the February Mansfield City Council meeting, the council voted to hold a special meeting March 2, 2017 to discuss, and vote Against/For the proposed walking trail that has been the center of attention lately.

From what we know, and have understood thus far, there is grant money available to pay a portion of the walking trail costs, but will most likely not cover the full project cost.

If you have a voice either against of for this project, you are urged to attend the meeting at Mansfield City Hall this Thursday evening at 7:00PM at Mansfield City Hall.

Editors note: We have learned that the grant which will be used to fund the project is an 80/20 grant, which 80% of the grant is fully funded, and the 20% will be reimbursed after a period of time.

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3 Replies to “SPECIAL Mansfield City Council Meeting Thursday”

  1. Another very concerned citizen says:

    A walking trail is not what is needed right now. The fire department needs funding, the streets need major repairs and oh hey how about proper training for those on our water department?

  2. Tasha says:

    I wonder why we are so focused on a walking trail rather than the fact our local fire department do not have the proper equipment they need? Are we unable to use grant money to fix the fire departments needs?
    Or the fact that our town literally stinks after dark!

  3. Another concerned citizen of Mansfield says:

    Will the mayor guarantee that this walking trail won’t wash away when the floods come as this park is always underwater? Is it that important for him to put his name on something in the town, why not put it on the fire department? Or on the streets as we all know those are in terrible terrible shape but all he’s talked about for the last two years is a walking trail!

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