Rural Electric Company Explores Broadband Expansion


By Tammy Moore Teague

United States Representative for District 4, Bruce Westerman, spoke at a meeting for Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative employees on Monday. He was there to highlight benefits of the 2018 Farm Bill, which is still in legislation. The bill, he explained, would provide jobs and much needed technology in rural areas.

Additionally, the bill would provide 150 million dollars each for loans and grants to develop the rural broadband service. Ozarks’ Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative spokesman, Greg Davis, indicated the company has done two feasibility studies and is currently reviewing those before deciding if the company would move forward.

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2 Replies to “Rural Electric Company Explores Broadband Expansion”

  1. Jim O says:

    As has been stated, this is needed. Only thing available here is Satellite and when it storms or snows I have nothing. No way to check the weather. If the electric goes off then I have no way to make a phone call or contact anyone. Would love to have something where I did not constantly have to make choices as to whether or not to view a video I encounter in the news, weather, or Youtube.

  2. Mark Shackelford says:

    This is so needed. There is many people like me that would gladly pay for Internet. I am not covered by anybody except Sat. And it is worthless. Cell signal too week to use a Hot Spot

    Sooner the better, please

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