Prior ADEQ Report Shows Satisfactory


In the wake of the recent ADEQ violations report regarding Mansfield sewer plant, several comments focused on the “inherited mess” that Mayor Austin came into when taking office. We felt compelled to look into it further, and see what previous reports revealed.

Reports dated June 8, 2015, and April 23, 2015 show that no violations have been, or were reported at that time and the Mansfield sewer plant was in satisfactory condition.

The permit for the Mansfield sewer plant expired in October 2017, where no effort to renew such permit can be found.

The ADEQ report from yesterday’s article mentioned that the plant was currently being run on “auto pilot” with no maintenance, nor licensed operator since September 2016.

We’ll let you be the judge.


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6 Replies to “Prior ADEQ Report Shows Satisfactory”

  1. Mr Clean says:

    Looks to me as if our mayor has created a wildfire he can’t control any longer. He’s already ran off good people who cared about their jobs and this town.

  2. Really Fed Up says:

    It would be really nice to have adults running the town instead of power hungry, selfish people.
    Put the people first.
    That is true leadership.

  3. David O. Johnson says:

    To Mr. Pete Sake, If you want my position on the city council I WILL gladly let you have it, It takes a majority to get anything done! David O.Johnson

  4. Ghost of MHS Past says:

    So Mr. Little, I guess you are one of the famed Dr.’s puppets. What you knew for a “FACT” wasn’t fact after all. You should be ashamed of yourself. But then again, we all know why don’t we Charlie?

  5. A watchful eye says:

    Mayor Hurt isn’t without fault. We are all not perfect. His heart was for the town.
    However, Mayor Austin ruined the school and now is accomplsihing the same with the town.
    I would assume from these reports that Hurt left the town in great shape, and was kept that way before Austin started running off those that new their job, certifed, and cared about Mansfield. What a disaster.

  6. Pete Sake says:

    Mayor be gone.
    City council is next!
    Take out the trash people!

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