MMS Students Visit University of Arkansas


The 8th grade Mansfield Middle School students recently visited the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville nursing program. Students got and up and close perspective of the details involved in this career field. Pictured above, Shawn Brown and Ethan Chapman.

The students have visited the U of A twice and will return again later in the spring for their third campus visit.  These  students were selected in corresponding with the University of Arkansas research on the impact of campus visits on students desire to attend higher education.


8th grade students Jonathan Sayvongsay and Malachi Fuller are pictured with an artificial patient in the nursing program.


Last picture is of 8th grade students Aaliyah Adams and Sarah Willis working with a nursing student on their blood pressure as well.


Sadie Roberts pictured with artificial patient for the nursing program at the University of Arkansas.


Picture (left to right) Allysa Frasher, Amanda Lasavath, Haylee Helms, Jaden Elmore, & Sadie Roberts at the Science and Engineering school at the University of Arkansas. Students were required to built a rocket. The task was to build the taller rocket before it collapsed.


Picture of all students in attendance at the University in early November. Hailey Chachula, Braxton Bowers, Nathaniel Sartin, Shawn Brown, Mikeal Harrision, Ethan Pettus, Amanda Lasavath, Sarah Willis, Aaliyah Adams, Jonathan Sayvongsay, Haylee Helms Dru Buckner, Ethan Chapman, Josh Darris, Allyssa Frasher, Brandon Carver, Jaden Elmore, Malachi Fuller, and Sadie Roberts.

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