MMS Students Learn Through Biome Dioramas


Mansfield Middle School 5th Grade Students spent a week displaying their knowledge of the scientific world building Biome Dioramas.  The Dioramas were displayed in the 5th/6th grade hallway for roughly a week.  Students used their imagination picking out tremendous designs an what Biome they wanted emulate.

Students used their knowledge they gained in Mrs. Howard’s science class to distinguish which biome diorama they would like to build.  Students studied the five main biomes of forest, savanna, desert, grassland, and tundra.  Mrs. Howard has spent tireless hours putting together projects for students to incorporate hands on learning activities for students to display their knowledge of the content area.

Biomes are the known as the world’s major communities as determined by their vegetation and adaptations or organisms in their environment.  Biomes continue to change and have changed throughout history.  Students discussed the different processes associated with each biome and the importance of conservation and preservation of natural habitats and biomes on the Earth.

Great job to Mrs. Howard and her 5th grade students for displaying their work and spending time putting together dioramas to display their knowledge.

Great job Mansfield 5th Grade and Mrs. Howard.

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