MMS 7th Grade Students of the Month – September


7th Grade students of the month for September is Connor Hattabaugh and Madelen Jones.

Both students were nominated by their teachers for outstanding qualities they display by being positive leaders and helpful students and peers. Conner and Madelen are both known by their peers as hardworking and dedicated students.

Madelen is known for her quiet demeanor and positive attitude and work ethic she exhibits all day.

Connor emulates those same qualities and continuous to display academic and personal growth as a positive leader.

Both students are continuing to work hard at their academics and we hope will continue to grow as positive students at Mansfield Middle School.

Here are some key facts that Conner and Madeline would like to share:

Connor Hattabaugh:  Favorite Subject Science    Madelen Jones: Favorite subject is Science

Hobby: Reading and Playing Video games             Hobby: Cheer, volleyball, and track

Funniest School Memory: When I fell out of           Funniest School Memory: When Alayna and I tripped together

my chair as a 4th grader.

Favorite Movie:  Marvel Movies                             Favorite Movie: Jaws

Embarrassing Moment: Calling the teacher           Embarrassing Moment: At volleyball falling down the

mom                                                                                                stairs and rolling my ankle.

Happiest Moment: When I figured out I was          Happiest Moment: When I got my dog peppermint.

getting another cousin.

Favorite Book: Percy Jackson                               Favorite Book: Whatever After

Favorite Food:   Pizza                                            Favorite Food: Ramen Noodles

Future Aspirations: Attend college and get            Future Aspirations: Be a speech therapist.

a good job.

Favorite Color: Red                                                Favorite Color: Mint Green

Congratulations to Connor and Madeline and their parents for having such great young students. Thanks for such great students from Mansfield Middle School.

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