MHS Athletes Honored at 2018 Sports Banquet


Mansfield athletes, parents, and coaches celebrated the 2017-2018 sports calendar with their annual end of year banquet on May 8th at the Mansfield High School cafeteria.

With a crowd approaching 300 people, activities started with a catered meal blessed by Senior athlete, Brennan James. During the dinner of grilled chicken and chopped steak, Madison McBride, another Senior, showed a power point slideshow honoring athletes from all sports.

James continued the night with an introduction of Jim Reynolds, the master of ceremony. Reynolds, a radio advertisement spokesman, continued the awards show as separate coaches presented plaques.

The big awards on the night included Tiger of the Year presentations and Rising Star winners. The following is the actual script read at the ceremony including these big award winners and individual winners from each disciplines.


Congratulations to Brennan James (left) and Megan Rose (right). The Senior athletes were awarded the T. Franklin Boyd Tiger of the Year awards at the Mansfield athletic banquet Tuesday, May 8th.


Mansfield Freshmen Bri Sanderson (left) and Danielle Lillie (right) receive the Rising Star Awards for outstanding efforts for the 2017-2018 athletic season.

CLICK HERE for the full transcript of the athletic banquet presentation

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