Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day


By Tammy Moore Teague

With a three day weekend quickly approaching, most of us are planning a cookout or gathering with family. It’s Memorial Day weekend, with the official observed holiday, Monday, May 28. It’s often thought of as the unofficial start of summer. But Memorial Day is more than all that. It’s a sobering day of honor and gratitude.

Memorial Day, although often times confused with Veterans Day, is a day set aside to remember those members of the armed services who have died in the service to their country. This honorable day was first observed after the Civil War in 1868.

In contrast, Veterans Day, is observed in November. It is a day that honors all who have served in the military. Originally dubbed Armistice Day, Veterans Day was made an official holiday in 1954.

Everyday is a perfect day to show gratitude to our men and women in uniform. But, respectfully show your gratitude appropriately on these two holidays. In short, Memorial Day is to honor those passed and Veterans Day is to honor those living.

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