McBride Named Honorary Fireman


By Tammy Moore Teague

The Hartford Volunteer Fire Department and Chief Richard Hartsfied, promoted Hackett resident Daxton McBride by naming him an honorary member of their department.

McBride’s parents, Misty and Shane, were both humbled at the act of love. “He finally got to ride in a firetruck,” his mom said. They made him a helmet and a badge so that he can now be part of them. They gave him a box of goodies and told him that now he has to help them out. His first job was handing out fireman hats, coloring books and bracelets.”

McBride wasted no time in starting to work. “On the way home and gave one to each of his nieces and nephews that live here. He’s a pretty happy young man,” she added.

The family is grateful to the department, but the department also feels a mutual gratitude as McBride’s smile and bubbly personality are contagious. Misty McBride shared how the experience made him feel special and how he is looking forward to his next ride during the town’s Christmas parade.

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