Mansfield / Huntington Chamber of Commerce – December 1, 2016


The Mansfield / Huntington Chamber of Commerce met today, with their regularly monthly meeting at Mansfield City Hall. The focus was the upcoming Mansfield Christmas parade, with a specific focus on the potential weather for Saturday.

With the main topic of conversation being the forecast of 100% rain, and whether to maintain the current course with the Mansfield Parade time, and schedule, or reschedule to another day, and time.

The Chamber as a whole voted to go “as planned” with the parade, regardless of weather. General consensus of both members, and the general public mirrored that of the vote.

In other news, West Fraser donated $800, and an anonymous donor gave $200 to be used towards the parade.

Mansfield Senior Citizen Center will be doing the cornbread, a 50/50 drawing will be held, and the turkey and ham giveaway will go as planned. Cornerstone Pharmacy will be making donations as well.

The Chamber of Commerce is a joint effort between the businesses, and business owners of Mansfield, and Huntington to implement ideas that support the general commerce, community, and the long term goals of growth.

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