Mansfield High School Has Visitors During Testing Week


Officer Kevin Chambers speaks to students about his job performed in the military.

Recently, at Mansfield High School, students took part in ACT Aspire testing. During their breaks from testing, Mansfield High School invited several informative speakers to speak to the students on many piercing subjects for today’s teenagers.

Kerrie Taber, from River Valley Skin Cancer Alliance, spoke to students about becoming aware of the growing population of teens getting skin cancer. She spoke about the different types of skin cancer and what it looked like. She informed students of different ways people tend to contract skin cancer as well as even being cautious when getting their nails dried under the UV lights. She encouraged them if they had any suspicious area, they are worried about to be sure and take time to have it checked by a doctor. Amy Willadsen, from the Reynold’s Cancer Support House, spoke to students about the importance of sunscreen and also spoke about what the Reynold’s House offers to cancer patients to help them and their families out. Ashley Curbow spoke of the dangers of vaping and how it can affect your life and others around you.

On the first day of testing, SSG John T Price Jr. with the Army National Guard’s recruiting services in Fort Smith spoke with students about the benefits of joining the Army Reserves. He also provided a large bounce around obstacle course and slide for students in the afternoon to enjoy. Then, on Tuesday, students heard from Kevin Chambers, from Tampa, Florida. Kevin is a detective with the United States Air Force, and he spoke about his twenty years of service as well as his current job with the military. Students had lots of questions for Chambers about how life in the military takes place. He explained to students how to handle a traffic stop, how to make good choices, and the benefits of being in the Air Force. Chambers has served and worked for the military for over twenty years. When active, he served on the SWAT team as well working in different divisions of the Security Forces which is the Air Force’s Military Police.

Last, officers from the Arkansas State Highway Police and the Sebastian County gave a presentation on distractive driving and impaired driving. Corporal Mike Burcham and Deputy Joseph Mahan explained to students about the dangers of texting and driving. Deputy Mahan informed students that it only takes 4.6 seconds to be distracted at 55 mph to cause an accident. Officer Dehart and Officer Daggs spoke to students about the consequences of distractive driving causing accidents. In the afternoon, officers set up areas where students had the chance to wear the “drunk goggles”-goggles that impaired their vision as if they were under the influence of alcohol. Students then had to try and drive a vehicle (golf cart) around orange cones, catch a frisbee, shoot a basketball and other activities. Students realized how alcohol can dramatically influence and impair your mobility, your driving, and your vision. Mansfield Fire Department also showed kids the correct way to use a fire extinguisher.

Students enjoyed all the activities and speaking, and Mansfield High School was grateful for all visitors who shared their knowledge and time well spent with the kids.

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Kimberly Boyd

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