LL Football Stepping Out Of Shadows With Resident Press


For the most part, little league football is left in the dark when it comes to getting a fair share of the football hype. Sure, you have parents and grandparents making social media posts about how good “Little Johnny” did in the game but rarely does it go any further than that. Well, those days are about to be O-V-E-R !!! The Resident Press is joining forces with the West Central Football League to give small-town little league football the credit it deserves.

Mansfield Squaring Off With Mountainburg

Both Resident Press and the WCFL were built on showcasing the awesomeness of small towns who, in the past, have been forgotten. Resident Press originally started out covering little league football for Mansfield, Hackett, and Waldron a few years back. In 2019, they picked up Magazine, Cedarville, and Mountainburg. So it only made sense to go all-in on the WCFL and add the remaining programs of Greenland, West Fork, JC Westside, and Lavaca to the little league football coverage list.

Hackett Trying To Gain Yards Against Magazine

West Central Football League President, Adam Hecox, said about the partnership, “Resident Press joining forces with the WCFL could wind up being huge for the league programs. In the past years, I’ve seen the little league articles printed off by the teachers and posted in the hallways of the schools Resident Press covered. Kids would be in awe that they were “famous” because their name or picture was published in an article. That builds not only confidence in the kids, but also in the program and community. It makes more kids want to join the team thus growing each program’s numbers.”

The Rebels Of JC Westside Getting Some Good Ol’ Coaching

JC Westside WCFL representative, Clay Bryant, added, “Westside Area Youth Organization is much more than just little league sports. It’s a leadership program for both children and adults, with the aim of helping children to become good and decent citizens. Being a 2A school from a small town in the River Valley, not many people realize what an outstanding program we have. Coverage by Resident Press could open up great opportunities for our young children as well as give them the recognition they deserve which in return will help in building their self-esteem.”

Cedarville Surrounded By The Tigers Of West Fork

With COVID-19 creating havoc for sports as a whole and changes being made almost daily, there are still kids with the longing to play. Resident Press and the WCFL are still working to find contributors for all of the programs, but the wheels have begun to roll. The purpose of this merger is very clear. No matter the size of the program, every young man and woman on the field not only enjoys the spotlight but they deserve it as well. So flip the switch, sit back, and enjoy because the lights are coming on!

West Fork Running Trough Mansfield’s Defense

Greenland Using Speed To Get Past Mountainburg

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