The television weathermen had been warning the area for days about a system of strong, perhaps damaging winds in the area. They hit the nail on the head.

Mid-afternoon on Saturday, May 18, the sky darkened and the clouds began to hang lower in the western skies. Torrential rains began and were quickly followed by winds unlike we’ve seen in years. We have no shelter here in our home so I did the Dad thing and watched the storm. Tree trunks, not just branches, tree trunks were moving in the wind. The weatherman admitted to 60 mph but I disagree. We watched a large, perhaps, 200-year-old oak tree blow over in our neighbor’s yard. Things began to fall in my open garage as I could feel the air pulling on me as I stupidly stood there.

Storm spotters say that a tornado hit Barling and skipped over the town of Lavaca but I have heard nothing to confirm this yet. Almost every home has some lost trees or at least branches here.

Prayers to all who suffered damages and thank God that we didn’t have any lives harmed.

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