Lavaca Area Chamber of Commerce Meets


The January meeting of the Lavaca Area Chamber
of Commerce met recently at the Lavaca City Municipal Building.  The
meeting was called to order by President Jack James. He started the meeting
with a prayer. The following members were in attendance: Jack James, Holly
Creel, Ken VanDusen, Norma VanDusen, Zack Johnson, Dorothy Lawrence, Shelly
Hockaday, Angela Gillooley, and Cindy Hartsfield.

Under old business, Jack asked what was the
pleasure of the chamber concerning the election of officers for 2019.
 Holly Creel motioned for all of the officers to stay as is as voted on in
December of the previous year. Ken VanDusen seconded all approved.

Jack James presented the December minutes.
Dorothy Lawrence motioned to accept Holly Creel seconded all approved.

Chamber Treasurer Holly Creel presented the
financial reports.  Renewal applications have been prepared for
mailing.  Holly presented some business
cards from local businesses and suggested getting in touch with these local
business owners to join the chamber. The chamber spent $125 on advertising last
month. Jack James and Holly Creel were reimbursed for Christmas parade expenses
$14.54.  There was a total of $139.54 in expenses.
The beginning of the month balance was $13,261.07 and after expenses,
$13,121.53. Cindy Hartsfield presented the chamber with a bill from the ESCYO
for use of electricity and sanitation during the Lavaca Berry Festival: $64 for
Altes Sanitation and electric was $38.51. Ken VanDusen motioned to pay. Holly
Creel seconded all approved. Ken VanDusen motions for the chamber to add the
ESCYO as a new member in lieu of park expenses during the Lavaca Berry Festival
and also for use of the fields for future events this year. Holly Creel
seconded all approved. Welcome to Cindy and the ESCYO to our Chamber! Dorothy
Lawrence motions to amend the financials. Dorothy Lawrence and Holly Creel
discussed the changes made to the financials. Ken VanDusen motions to accept
Holly Creel seconded. All approved.

Norma VanDusen reports she has found a chili pot
for the chambers chili supper scheduled for December 6, 2019. (The Chamber
previously voted to host a free chili supper for the citizens of Lavaca on the
evening before the coming Christmas parade.)

Under Old Business, the next Movie in the Park
will be on. Angela will be creating several events for the next several movies
on the Lavaca Movies in the Park page.

Shelly Hockaday presented Centennial Committee
information. The next meeting will be January 28th at 6 pm inside Lavaca City
Hall. She discussed needing to change the date of the celebration due to other
outside events. Shelly wants to showcase the library and recycling center among
other things. She is really hoping for some involvement from the schools.

Jack James mentioned that there was interest in
the old Dollar General Store building. He also spoke about the area alliance
having several events coming up. Holly Creel asked for reimbursement for
envelopes, ink, and stamps totaling $114.97. Angeal Gillooley motioned to pay
her expenses and Ken VanDusen seconded.  All approved.

Jack James is going to contact the owners of the
vacant Methodist Church about having a concert there. Norma VanDusen suggested
contacting Gary Grimes about grants for purchasing the old Methodist Church.
Music in the Park will start back this spring. If any groups are interested in
providing a free concert for our citizens they can contact Jack.

Cindy Hartsfield with the ESCYO has asked for
help getting the word out about T-ball, baseball and softball signups. Please
help spread the word. Shelly Hockaday offered to post the information for her
on the marquee outside Lavaca City Hall.

Having no further business, Dorothy Lawrence
motioned to adjourn with a second from Holly Creel. All approved.

The next Chamber meeting will be February 4th at
6pm at Lavaca City Hall.

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