Lavaca Area Chamber of Commerce Meets


The members of the Lavaca Area Chamber of Commerce met on
Monday, May 6, 2019, in the Lavaca Municipal Building.  Thunder and lightning and torrential rain
dampened the spirit of attendance but the loyal remnant of members appeared

Jack James, LACC president, called the meeting to order,
welcomed the members and guests and led a prayer.  Our treasurer was on family business so the
financial report was not presented. 
Reporter Angela Gillooley had emailed the minutes of the April minutes
to the chamber members earlier in the month. 
The motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Zach Johnson,
Sebastian County Assessor, and seconded by Drake Smith, of Pinnacle
Communications.  Motion passed unanimously.

Leann Steffey Ellison, owner of Steffey’s Pizza, presented the
plans of the chamber to celebrate the Centennial of Lavaca’s incorporation this
October 5.  The chamber is working alongside
of the City of Lavaca to organize events and activities.  Leann and Mayor Hugh Hardgrave a time capsule
being buried on the city property in a small vault donated by Wilbert Vaults
and a monument donated by Stonecrest Monuments. 
They discussed a bluegrass band playing in the city park, free hotdogs
and drinks and a 100 square foot birthday cake. 
We plan to have a parade down Main Street with a real cattle drive,
floats, band and cowboys.  Exhibits from
Lavaca’s history will be on the sidewalk and in the parking areas in front of
the museum. The “Oldest Living Citizen in Lavaca will be presented with an
award and we will honor the “Oldest Living Veteran’ as well. A ‘Womanless
Beauty Pageant’ will be held on the south side of Main Street as well.  Other activities were discussed and may be
added as well. 

Leann presented t-shirt designs and discussed banners that
could be posted on the telephone poles, celebrating our birthday.  After the centennial, the banners could be
switched to other themes such as Christmas, July 4th, etc. Jack
James reported that he has wanted to do this project to honor Veteran’s Day and
even have banners that are sponsored by families to honor their own veteran. Each
banner and the reusable hardware for the display will run somewhere around $100
each.  After that initial expense, the
banners are much less expensive.  Drake
Smith made a motion for the chamber to purchase ten of these banners and its
hardware, and to be purchased as soon as possible, giving Leann the permission to
get things in motion, representing the chamber. Zach Johnson seconded the
motion and it passed unanimously.

In discussion about the 100 square cake, it will be presented
to look like a quilt when on display, celebrating our 100 years as a
community.  Sections of the cake can represent
a person or family, present or past, and a company who wishes to sponsor
different squares.  More information will
be posted. We want everyone to attend this once in a lifetime occurrence.

The Lavaca Cruise Night, scheduled for October 12, was discussed
by Chairperson Leann Ellison.  She
discussed t-shirt designs and where the band would be playing that
afternoon.  There will be no concession
stands allowed.  All the area businesses
will be open to take care of any pang of hunger of thirst.   

Jack James announced that the chamber will be hosting a night
of Bluegrass/Gospel featuring the band “Wild Card” on Friday, May 31st.  The venue will be the Lavaca Senior
Center.  There will be free admission but
a donation jar will be at the door to help defer the cost of the rent and
cleanup of the facility.  Concessions
will be available.  The next day is the
annual Lavaca Alumni Reunion and we’d like to invite all of the celebrants to
come and join us for an evening of fun entertainment.

Angela Gillooley, chair of the Movie in the Park program, said
there will be no movie for May but she will be showing the movie “The Wizard of
Oz” on Friday, June 14 at 6:30pm in the city park.  Please, mark your calendars!

With no other business to discuss, the motion to adjourn was
made by Drake Smith and seconded by Zach Johnson.  The rains had finally stopped so the motion
passed unanimously.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is planned for June 3,
Lavaca City Hall at 6:30pm.  As always,
members and the public are urged to attend and participate.

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