LACC April Minutes


April 1, 2019

The Lavaca Area Chamber of Commerce on Monday, April 1, 2019. President Jack James called the meeting to order with a prayer. In attendance at the meeting were Ken VanDusen, Dorothy Lawrence, and Lorie Robertson. Also in attendance were Justin Green, Shelly Hockaday, Hugh Hardgrave, LeAnn Ellison, Joy Saucier, and a couple of Lavaca citizens whose names are not available at this moment.

Renee Carr with the Rural Community Alliance will be hosting a meeting in Lavaca by southern fringe at 11:30 on April 9th. She will be helping the chamber with more information and details on our quilt project. Lorie Robertson is in charge of this project and is wanting it to be up and running by the Lavaca Centennial on October 5th. We are in hopes that this will put Lavaca on the map to help community development and economic growth.

Mayor Hugh Hardgrave presented the update on the
centennial. The event will be held on October 5th, 2019 at Lavaca City Hall.
The mayor and Shelly Hockaday are working hard on a town picnic at 11 o’clock
along with a band, and time capsule at noon. They will also be recognizing
Lavaca’s oldest living citizen. Mayor Hardgrave would also like to have pieces
on display from the Lavaca Museum. The museum will be open for visitors to go
check out the rest of our Lavaca history. They are discussing a possible car
show. They will also be selling t-shirts for the centennial at Lavaca City
Hall. Lorie Robertson is working on cups to commemorate both the Lavaca
Centennial Celebration and the Lavaca Berry Festival which will be held in
November. Lorie Robertson is also looking into coins to commemorate both events
as well. Jack James mentioned selling ribbons for the event. LeAnn Ellison
spoke with Julie McMahan French to help us with ideas such as a cattle drive,
art project with cows, and possibly a cow-themed parade.

LeAnn Ellison present cruise night update. She
is currently working on the t-shirts for the event. Lavaca Cruise Night will be
October 12th this year.

Lorie Robertson motioned to approve the minutes
from last month. Ken VanDusen seconded and all approved.

Treasurer Holly Creel presented her report. 150
in membership dues was collected. $125 expenses. $35 safe deposit box fee. $54 PO
box rental fee. $214 in total expenses. Negative $64 for the month. $1,116.35
income after expenses. Beginning balance $14, 301.88 ending balance for the
month is $14, 237.88. Ken VanDusen motions to accept. Dorothy Lawrence seconds
all approve.

President Jack James has asked Mary Rollins to
help lead this event. It will be held November 2nd at the county ball fields.

Holly Creel announced the winner of the crappie
contest. Jeff Hartfield won with a 2lb 5oz crappie. Congratulations Jeff !!!

President Jack James presented information on
his event to be held at the Lavaca Senior Citizen Center on May 31st. Wild Card
band will perform. Clean up fee will be taken care of by donations during the

Lorie Robertson had questions about the chamber
website. Holly Creel will get the domain information to Lorie. We also
discussed working on our email. Angela Gillooley mentioned her Girl Scout troop
is doing a canned food drive for the Lavaca Food Pantry on April 30th inside
Lavaca Library. They will also snacks, book reading, and activities for the
families in our community, and perhaps a couple of giveaways.

Lorie Robertson also discussed inviting the
local medical students to the centennial celebration. Ken VanDusen motions to
adjourn. Justin Green seconds all approve.

May 5th will be the next Lavaca Chamber of
Commerce meeting 6 pm inside Lavaca City Hall.

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