Humanizing the Badge Brings Message of Hope to Hackett


    On Friday May 17,
2019, Elizabeth Ogden who founded Humanizing the Badge visited the Hackett
community and toured the school.  According to their website, “Humanizing the Badge is a
501(c)3 nonprofit organization on a mission to help forge stronger
relationships between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.
We’re engaging that mission through community service projects on a national
level through our Project: Human initiatives, by providing free,
 online support for first responders and their
families that reach out to deal with the unique stresses of the job through
our #CallForBackup program,
and by producing engaging social media content through our pages and the pages
of content creators that are part of our cause”.  

  Ogden was greeted
by banners and signs welcoming her to the city of Hackett. Ogden spoke to
high school students on the power of believing in their dreams
and rebounding from mistakes made along the way. Ogden told students that
ironically the one class she failed in school was speech.  Ogden now tours
the country speaking to people in a variety of capacities including
students, addicts, inmates, and others.   Following her speech,
Ogden spoke to several students and offered words of encouragement and advice on
overcoming challenges life may put in front of them. Ogden and Chief
Spells were also recognized with certificates and gift bags from teachers and

    With this week
being National Police Week, many HTB volunteers were in Washington, DC.
 Ogden stated that speaking to Hackett students in a more intimate
atmosphere is something that she enjoys doing to reach them on a more
personal level.  While she was here, she toured the Hackett
Elementary media room where students use a green screen to film the morning
announcements.  She also visited EAST teacher Debbie Hester,
a teacher versus student softball game, and the yearly talent show.
 Thank you, Humanizing the Badge, for the work you do for law
enforcement and communities across the country!



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