Host Families Needed for Exchange Students


This is Shanda Linville with Cultural Academic Student Exchange (CASE), a non-profit, student exchange company listed with CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel).

We have a couple of boys and girls who are waiting for homes to come enjoy the exchange year. I am reaching out to you to see if maybe you would know of any families that would be interested in either hosting one of these students for the year or even temporarily as welcome families.

The students are a wonderful, educational and cultural addition to the school and get involved in all of the activities, clubs and sports.  They become part of the family and community and bring a positive image of the United States back home with them. These students come here with their own money, phones, laptops, clothes and everything else they will need while they are here. The only thing we ask of our host families is to provide them with a clean bed and an extra plate at the dinner table. Anything extra the student wants to do they pay for with their own money. These students speak good English and can communicate well.

I as your CASE supervisor will take care of any problems or situations that arise and they will be taken care of immediately. I will be available to visit and speak with you and the student at any time.

We create extended families all over the world, build bridges of cultural understanding and help create world peace through our exchanges.  We can’t say enough positive things about the experience!  Please reach out to me if you have anyone interested in forming friendships around the world.  I greatly appreciate your help!  Please call, message, or email me for more details.

Thank you very much
Shanda Linville

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