Hornets Steal Fire From Dragons


In an eight-inning slam fest, the Hackett Hornets mustered every ounce of energy they had to secure a 5-1 win against the Mountainburg Dragons last Friday night. With two teams both determined to win this conference game, the Hornets achieved what they had set out to do in the first place and that was win. Hackett ended their season 4-9 in total play and 2-4 in conference.

Ty Smith netted three hits, one RBI, one putout, and four assists. Mason Oelke scored one hit and eight putouts. Ethan Slavens grabbed one putout and one assist. Luke Gann earned eight putouts. Isiah Carter secured one run and one hit.

Tyler Satterfield gained two runs, four hits, and one assist. Jessie Esparza brought in one run and one hit. Jake Fisher totaled one run, two hits, two RBI, and one putout. Layne Dennis snagged one putout. And pitcher Avery Hester garnered three hits, one RBI, one putout, and two assists. He also catapulted 104 pitches to 28 batters striking out seven. Next up for these Hornets will be District play on Wednesday, April 24.

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