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The Hackett Hornets made it to the second round of the 2A-4 District Tournaments last night after two hard-fought battles. The Hornets have every reason to keep their heads held high. The entire season they were led by an elite roster of players who played with a high octane offense and a ferocious defense. Hackett ended conference play with a 2-4 record and total season play 5-10.

In the first round of District, the Hornets took on the Magazine Rattlers. Hackett conducted a lethal attack against Magazine and came out victorious with a final score of 9-1. Ty Smith delivered two runs and one hit. Avery Hester netted two runs, two hits, one putout, and two assists. Tyler Satterfield delivered one run and one hit. Luke Gann added one run, one hit, and five putouts. Layne Dennis secured one run, one hit, one putout, and one assist.

Roland Smith made one hit. Cash Oliver picked up one putout and three assists. Mason Oelke obtained nine putouts and one assist. Pitching for the Hornets was Ethan Slavens and Bradley Martin. Ethan flung out 62 pitches to 17 batters striking out 4. Slavens also grabbed two runs and four putouts. Bradley threw 37 pitches to 10 batters striking out 5. He also made one hit and one assist.

For their second round, Hackett faced Lavaca. The boys played for five innings with everything that they had left but ended falling to the Arrows 9-2. Sealing the deal on the two Hornet runs were Ty Smith and Cash Oliver. Smith, Avery Hester, Ethan Slavens, and Layne Dennis earned one hit each. Mason Oelke, Bryce Brown, and Slavens combined for 12 putouts. And Tyler Satterfield and Oliver added a total of three assists.

Avery Hester and Tyler Satterfield did the pitching for the Hornets with Hester throwing out 80 pitches to 18 batters striking out 8 and Satterfield making 34 tosses to 10 batters. The Hornets racked up some pretty nice season totals as well. They had 49 runs, 76 hits, 36 RBI, 274 putouts, and 98 assists.

Coach Broc Adams had these final thoughts on the season, “I thought we were playing good baseball at the end of the year. We knew we were going to take some lumps this year with the youth we had, but I was proud of how they pulled together and really gave what they had the last two weeks of the season!”

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