Hartford Community Garden Supports Local Residents


Driving down historic Hartford, a community that is 20 miles
southwest of Greenwood, you will find a couple of businesses, a food pantry,
library, police station, bank as well as a new store and café.

What you may not expect to find is a community garden on the
corner of McCloud and Hazel started by long-time resident Jeff Ward.

Jeff, who has always gardened, made a decision to turn his
passion for gardening and having the availability of fresh produce into helping
the community.

In early March, the ground was turned, tilled and gotten
ready by volunteers. There have been donations of seeds and plants to help
offset costs.

How does a community garden work? Since it’s for the
community to utilize or use the produce from it, the people in the community
donate some of their time to weed, to till, harvest and keep the garden going.
In return, they receive some produce to feed their family.

What can you do to obtain this fresh produce free of charge?
Show up and volunteer a little time. This is great for your children to help
with and shows them about gardening and physical work.

The Hartford community garden is a great resource, but it
needs your help to make it the best in this area.

Volunteer to help your friends and family, reap the benefits
and share with others.

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