Hackett’s Bell Goes All-State


2018 Hackett graduate, Cassie Bell recently played in the AAA All-State basketball game in Conway this past Saturday with a strong support system back home in Hornet territory.

Bell had a stellar high career with a Senior season consisting of 15.2 points per game, 77% free throws, 172 offensive rebounds, and 156 defensive rebounds, just to name a few.

We’d like to congratulate Cassie on her accomplishments on and off the court. Go Hornets!

Cassie Bell-Hackett-basketball-all star

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  1. Hugh McLaughlin says:

    Cassie Bell is one of the best to ever play at Hackett ! Love her and her twin sister to the moon and back ! Not only for their athletic careers , but their off court lives are just good examples for all young people to follow ! Wish them the best that life !

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