Fighting Fires Brings Family Closer Together


Darrell Spells, Hackett Community Reporter

Attending monthly firefighter meetings might not sound like fun to some teenagers, but to Hackett Junior Firefighter Maryah Childs, it’s become a way of life for her over the last five years.

Maryah, a Senior at Hackett High School has been attending meetings and training since the age of twelve. She has served as a Hackett Junior Firefighter since the age of sixteen. Her step father, Jerald McBride currently works for the Arkansas Forestry Commission and has served as a volunteer fireman since 1996.

Ask either one why they enjoy firefighting and a common answer emerges “Helping the public”, McBride said. “I remember fire trucks going by at a young age and just being fascinated by them.”

Maryah also enjoys helping people and the excitement that comes with firefighting. According to McBride, junior firefighters aren’t allowed to go into burning buildings, but are allowed to assist the other firefighters in other capacities.

Maryah noted that she has been attending firefighter training, but will take the courses again in the future to obtain certification. She is planning on pursuing a career as a Paramedic, and was recently recognized as Junior Firefighter of the year, and McBride was honored as Hackett Firefighter of the year.

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