Farmers Markets Are Full of History


We see them and hear about them. You may have gone to some in
the past.

But did you know that these little markets were a necessity even as far back as ancient Egypt over 5,000 years ago.

Farmers markets have many benefits:

  • They help maintain important social ties, linking
    rural and urban people
  • Markets bring more awareness to the area businesses
  • Allows vendors to share proudly what they have grown
    or make
  • Fresher food when in season
  • A place to meet friends

Farmers Markets have evolved over the years from only fruits and vegetables to including handmade crafted items. Some even provide information for purchasing grass-fed animals.

Today, in the United States, there is a greater need for
fresh produce. There is also a greater interest to purchase unique handmade
items, jewelry, skin care and soaps, home décor, plants and seeds, fresh eggs,
jams and jellies (even the spicy ones), food, embroidered items, quilts, cakes,
muffins and cookies … and more.

A Farmers Market supports the community and gets young entrepreneurs started with support from the community. Anytime there is a large group of people together in a community and they feel welcome, it encourages growth in that community and people return again and again.

Why should we shop at the local Farmers Markets when our local grocery stores also carry the same items? First, most grocery stores cannot bring in fresh to your table produce and fruit. Second, the quality of these items from a grower far surpasses those in the grocery store.

In addition, with people outside of their homes going to the Farmers Market, 70% of them will also bring customers into neighboring businesses.

Greenwood’s next Farmers Market is on the square on June 1 from 8am-1pm and will include the items listed above and more. There will be more than 40 vendors. Come and support your friends and neighbors.

See you there.

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