Even In Defeat, Its Good To Be A Tiger


Bri Sanderson

It might have been cold outside in the quiet town of Mansfield but in the Mansfield High School gym, it was on “FI-YA.” Those in attendance know that it is always a great matchup when the Mansfield Tigers and the Charleston Tigers play each other and last night was no exception.

Rylea Weaver and Makayla Strutton

The Lady Red Tigers knew the task they were going to face against Charleston. Charleston came in with plenty of talent and the record to back it up but the Lady Red Tigers didn’t care. They walked onto the court with their chins up and chests out ready to get after it. Unfortunately, Charleston was just too much for the Lady Red Tigers to handle. Charleston shut down the Lady Red Tigers offense early as Mansfield went into the half down 39-9. Although the Lady Red Tigers defense kept Charleston to 20 points in the second half, they didn’t have enough in the tank to finish the job and ended losing 59-22.

Mikayla Harrison, Macy Davis, and Amber Elmore

The Mansfield Sr boys team showed Charleston that they wouldn’t be intimidated or pushed around by anyone. The Red Tigers started out playing tag with Charleston on the scoreboard ending the first quarter down 14-15. You could literally feel the Red Tigers gaining confidence and the look on the Charleston Tigers faces showed it. They couldn’t believe that Mansfield was standing toe to toe with them as the Red Tigers went into the half only down 31-34. The second half started off the same as the first half with the Red Tigers giving Charleston all that they could handle. Things got a tad bit chippy on the court midway through the third quarter. When you have teammates standing up for each other and players showing their pride in being a Red Tiger it can create some “disruption” in the game of basketball. After a wild third quarter, Charleston poured it on the Red Tigers ending the game defeating Mansfield 79-56.

Coby Hearron and Jackson Andrews

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