Email Questions Mansfield Mayor’s Motives


On Friday, December 8, 2017, we were made aware of an email that was supposedly drafted by Mansfield Mayor, Larry Austin and sent to City of Mansfield Attorney Matthew Ketchum. That email actually exists, and is shown below. [Note:This same information is available to the public per the Freedom of Information Act.]

Upon first glance, it’s hard to ascertain as to why the Mayor would inquire about dissolving of the City, which includes government, property etc.


(The email addresses have been withheld for privacy reasons)

The Mayor was contacted about as to why he would send an email with such a “quick to point” subject.

RP: “Mr. Austin, can you explain to me why an email was sent from your email address regarding the dissolving of the City of Mansfield?”

Austin replied: “[Long pause]…Uh, this concerned an audit, regarding our emergency plan.”

RP: “Can you email us that plan?”

Austin: “I guess so?”

Within 15 minutes of ending the conversation, Austin sent an email with a one page document which follows.

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11 Replies to “Email Questions Mansfield Mayor’s Motives”

  1. Mr Clean says:

    If this weeks city council doesn’t begin with the resignation of the mayor I’d be sorely disappointed in the council members and the voting public. These men and women are who should be keeping a check on the mayor and some of them have. Seems as if one boy and older woman are the anchors to the nayors decisions. Get rid of them also.

  2. This coming Thursday night.

  3. Wes Barnes says:

    When is the next council meeting?

  4. Fed up ! says:

    How many residents received a notification from the water department about a boil order???
    Anyone? I didn’t. I found out from second hand info. We are being charged full price for undrinkable water. I drank
    this water for 5 days before finding out it was not safe to drink.
    I am ready to do what is necessary to help my city. The leadership in this town has over stayed their welcome and needs
    to start looking for different employment. Now. Impeachment needs to begin, but this water needs to be commandeered by
    competent individuals not Larry the Loon.
    Please, lets get this matter in the right hands.

  5. Rick McDaniel says:

    I have went through all my records of all council meetings this letter does not exist in any of my copies, I’m not saying that he did not pass it out but this is the first time I have seen this letter. Councilmember, Rick McDaniel

  6. Katherinne Fittin says:

    I didn’t vote him in: he did a rotton job as School Superintendent, why would anyone vote him in?
    Whhy is he trying to distroy Mansfield any way?
    Bitter grapes or he is part of a bigger government agenda?
    Is someone going to start a petition for his resignation??
    Just wondering if there isn’t a legal way to get him removed!
    But I am interested in keeping Mansfield solvent as a City!

  7. Citizens need an attorney. says:

    So sterling and Mabry are the 2 council members who are allowing this to happen?

    Something tells me those 2 plus the mayor could face legal trouble for knowling allowing this to happen.

    Are the citizens getting charged full rate for water that cannot be consumed without boiling?

  8. Citizen says:

    We all need to be at the next city council meeting folks and hold these people accountable!!!!

  9. What's Up Mansfield? says:

    What the heck is going on there? Something is very fishy! That, coupled with the long delay in getting the water problem fixed is sending up some red flags.What’s

  10. Pissed OFF says:

    Mansfield voters…. this is your fault for voting him in office!!!!

  11. Concerned Citizen says:

    He’s going for 2-2. First the school, and now the town.

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