Coach Adams: Making A Difference One Kid At A Time


By Megan Hecox

Hackett Hornets Coach, Broc Adams, has wanted to make a difference in this world his entire life. Coupled with his love for sports, Coach Adams determined that the best way to achieve his goal was going to be through coaching children. Coach Adams had plenty of coaches that he was able to draw inspiration from. During High School, he was an avid athlete in football, baseball, and basketball. Fast-forwarding to 2018, Broc Adams has been coaching for a full decade now and it just keeps getting better.

Broc Adams explains that his favorite part about coaching is called the “lightbulb” moment. “Its when a kid has worked hard to figure out or accomplish a goal and the bulb finally clicks on and they get it.” When asked what he might be doing right now instead of coaching, Coach Adams replied, “I would probably be working in some sort of sales or working on my golf and fishing career!” 

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