Calvary Chapel Church Shows Appreciation to Hackett Fire Dept.


Darrel Spells, Hackett Community Reporter

The Hackett Volunteer Fire Department were treated to a pizza dinner courtesy of Calvary Chapel Church this past Monday evening.

Pastor Tim Smith expressed his appreciation to members of the department following their monthly meeting. Smith stated, “Members of the Hackett Fire Dept. make great sacrifices to serve their community.”

Pastor Tim Smith (right) presents Hackett FD member Mike Opolka (left) with a Bible.

Pastor Smith and members of the congregation passed out special Bibles to each member. The church has also previously presented members of the police department with Bibles. Calvary Chapel Church is very involved in the Hackett Community, most recently contributing to the Hackett Helping Hands campaign.

Editors note: We would like to personally thank the Hackett Fire Dept for their sacrifices, and for Pastor Smith, and Calvary Chapel Church for not only acknowledging them, but supporting them. May you all be Blessed, abundantly.

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