Black Accepts Mansfield City Council Appointment


The abrupt resignation of Nathan Sterling left a vacancy on the Mansfield City Council. Last week, Buddy Black of Mansfield was nominated, and the council unanimously voted for him to fill that position.

After Black was asked about his recent nomination, he stated “I believe I can do something to help the city. I want to at a minimum serve as a vehicle to mend and heal our city’s problems.”

During the last several months, Mansfield City Council meetings have seen record turn outs in response to multiple issues within the governing powers.

Black has been present at a vast majority of the recent meetings as a citizen, and is aware of the major issues that both the City, and Council are facing. But, he wants to do what is right for the future of the town and it’s people. That starts with serving his community on a higher level.


With Black being on the Mansfield planning & zoning commissions for 20 years, a 1969 MHS Graduate, and a man with great passion for his hometown, the community feels his presence will be an asset to the board, and the current issues.

“We need to first, and foremost put all these issues behind us, and move quickly in a positive direction. The people want this, and deserve to have this done immediately” added Black.

Honor, transparency and hard work is a motto Black shared with us when speaking about his upbringing. The community of Mansfield residents know Black to have a good heart, and a great understanding of family values among many other honorable traits.

Resident Press extends our gratitude to Mr. Buddy Black for serving on the Mansfield City Council.

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One Reply to “Black Accepts Mansfield City Council Appointment”

  1. Hilda Mayo says:

    I don’t live in Mansfield. However I’ve known Buddy his entire life.
    I’m thinking this was a wise choice for the City of Mansfield.

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