Best Beginner Essential Oils


Essential oils have been around since biblical times, and their popularity has been growing again in modern days. There is an oil for almost everything, and there are a multitude of options. For those looking to give oils a try the variety can be overwhelming, but a small collection of a few oils is a great place to start!

Not all companies are providing pure oils, but there are still a few choices when it comes to providers of quality oils. To know you are getting a good essential oil read the ingredients, it’s also a good idea to check for a website for the brand.

My personal choice for brands are Plant Therapy and Eden’s Garden. They are where I buy all the oils I keep in rotation. I also have used Birch Hill Happenings and Young Living. Of course there are other brands that are just as good! Walmart and Amazon brands could be safe- it is important to do research.

1. Lavender- the first oil I always want on hand is lavender. It is calming, helps with stings or bites from bugs, and it is kid safe.

2. Lemon- I just love the fresh clean lemon scent. Lemon or lime I usually in my diffuser; but lemon is definitely my favorite because it makes me feel like my house is clean. Lemon also provides digestive support and is detoxifying.

3. Peppermint- my go to for headaches and tummy aches. Peppermint is also excellent for congestion relief.

4. Frankincense- this oil wasn’t brought to baby Jesus for no reason- it is a powerhouse! When my kids are sick I use it for a detox bath for them. We diffuse it often with lime to clear the air, and it’s great for muscle pain relief!

5. Tea Tree- clear acne, head lice treatment, anti fungal, and the list goes on! Really another powerhouse of an oil!

Those are my top 5 oils for beginners! A carrier oil is necessary for any oil to be applied topically. I use coconut oil primarily, but there are lots of options for carriers too. I encourage everyone to do their own research and follow proper dilution guidelines for each oil. I hope this gives a starting place for those interested in diving into the world of essential oils.

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