Mansfield Home Targeted in Alleged Break-in


A recent robbery in the Boyd Edition of Mansfield has been reported to authorities. Between 9:00pm Friday night, and 3:00pm Saturday a house on Darlene Drive was illegally entered and several items were reported as stolen, with what is believed to have been a specific target area.

Missing items are listed as an XBOX ONE Halo, XBOX controller, wallet with driver’s license and $5.00 cash, (2) house keys, as well as a coffee can full of Epsom salt with $165 cash hidden within, were reported taken from one bedroom.

The home owner stated that if the perpetrator will return all items, no further action will be taken.  However, if the items are not returned they will seek all available legal action.

Anyone with information about this report is asked to contact the Mansfield Police Department at 479-928-5700, or the Sebastian Sheriff’s Department at 479-783-1051.

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  1. Heather baker says:

    Our house was broke into a few days before Christmas in Hartford and all was taken was our Xbox 360 and one game battlefield bad company

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