Young Man Overcoming Obstacles


Someone once said, “An obstacle is occasionally a stepping
stone.”  This young man didn’t always
know or believe it, but he has certainly proved it to be true.  Please meet Colton Turner.

Colton is the 19 year-old son of Mike and Michelle
Turner.  He has two brothers and a
sister, and, like most kids, he grew up loving video games, music and
computers. But Colton was a little different than some of his peers. At an
early age, he was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism.

Colton’s family moved to Lavaca from Arkoma, Oklahoma in
2011.  He didn’t have many friends in his
new school and is problems often made it hard to make new friends.  It was an emotional and troublesome time for
Colton. “There were many of times I just wanted to say screw it and be done.
But I never did. Back then, the only thing I knew to do when I was angry was
just get mad and scream and holler. It got so bad at point, that I threw these
meltdowns almost everywhere and every day.” But Colton found comfort in the
library computers.  He calls it, “The
best two hours of my day.” He didn’t have access to a phone or computer at home
so he looked forward to that time he had at school.  To escape the bad things going on at that
time, he turned to YouTube where he could meet new people, comment on the posts
and videos. Online, Colton had friends and could talk to people.

He began his own YouTube channel.  Online was where Colton found an audience
that would hear his thoughts and ideas, how he was feeling at the moment, both
good and bad.  Today, over two thousand
people subscribe to Colton’s YouTube site, Wildboy5699, many who share in his
battle with Autism.

Colton began working with the drama club in high school and
performed in several plays.  The greatest
day of his life, he says, was when he graduated high school and getting
accepted into college. He proved to himself and others that he could do
anything he set his mind to do.  He is
now at UAFS and majoring in theater.  He
plans on becoming an actor.  Colton has
now been in eight plays and is working on a short film this summer. He has
connected to a couple of Hollywood actors who have seen his story online and
offered to help his dream be reality.

“My goal is to share my story with millions around the world
and inspire them to tell their stories. 
I believe that, no matter what, whether you have a disability or not, if
you believe in yourself enough, you will accomplish anything you want to do.”   Remember this young man’s name.  You will most likely be seeing him very soon.

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2 Replies to “Young Man Overcoming Obstacles”

  1. linda phares says:

    This warms my heart tremendously it gives me hope for my granddaughter. I also happen to know his parents and they are truly remarkable people they never gave up on Colton or let him give up on himself

  2. Debra Sadler says:

    So very proud of what you have faced and overcome Colton! I love you

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