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Owning, and operating a small business is beneficial, rewarding, and centered on providing a needed service. It’s also a calling that pulls on our hearts to solve problems, and to be more involved in the community. But, are you growing and being noticed? Advertising can be less than rewarding if not done right. RP is going to help YOU!

Your Business, Our Focus.

We’re giving away small business listing’s in our classifieds at ResidentPress.com/classifieds/ for the month of December. Those who take part in this will also have a featured article done for your business that will be published on our website, social media, and in our bi-weekly newsletter. You won’t be able to get this deal any where else, and print just can’t compete!

Be Seen, and Be Heard!

By utilizing this special offer, your business will be recognized and seen by hundreds of viewers each day. That’s a fact!

In doing so, we’re going to make you the focus of our publishing efforts. It’s a story of entrepreneurial efforts that motivate and encourage others to follow their dreams, and the path to personal success. Your story needs told, and your business deserves more. Right?

Reap the Rewards YOU Deserve.

We want to ensure that you get the exposure you need to grow your business without the hassle of hefty ad prices, and have all the right eyes on you, located in front of those who need your services. Here’s how you’ll benefit….

1) Personal Business Listing in our online classifieds section, with image and logo

2) A focused article on the passion behind behind your business. It’s all about you!

3) Having an event, or special discounts? We’ll make sure everyone knows about it!

3) Month of December is FREE, when you pay for 3 months (January thru March) | $25 / month

Click here to contact us today to learn more, and to start.

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