Welcome Darrell Spells, to Resident Press


In an effort to bring more coverage to the communities we call home, we have recently hired Darrell Spells, who also serves as Hackett Police Chief. Spells will contribute to the Hackett column regarding events, newsworthy stories, community issues, “feel good” pieces, as well as serving as our Ambassador to the Hackett community.

Growing up in the small town of Huttig, Arkansas, Spells knows the meaning of community, and takes that to heart in his work, and community efforts. His role as Chief of Police offers Spells a unique position within the City of Hackett, which aids Resident Press in “keeping with the pulse” within the community, the people, and events.

“It’s my hope that my role with Resident Press will allow the public to not only see a glimpse of life behind the badge of a police officer, but, more importantly, a glimpse of the wonderful people, places, and events the City of Hackett has to offer” stated Spells.

Spells is married to his wife Tish, and the proud father of three young adults who are a constant source of joy.

Join us in welcoming Darrell Spells to Resident Press.

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