Welcome back Tiger Pride


Once pride leaves, it’s hard to bring it back to life. In fact, it’s rarely seen again and takes more than winning.

To be truthful, it takes guts to believe, and stand out to be heard and hope that your passion catches on, and breathes life into a once strong force. Pride is the platform where tradition is built from.

Parents, MHS faculty, students, families, and the community set out to bring back the pride this year. Through events in and around town, and the school, pride is making it’s way back into the hearts of the town we love, and the school we support. To all who believes…. Thank YOU!

Homecoming pep rally was LOUD & PROUD!

Smile ladies….

Did I mention it was LOUD? Great job to all!

Three cheerful ladies patiently wait for the homecoming parade to start. Good to see you all!

Kaylin Black was all smles as she waited for the parade.

#RLDDB (Respect, Loyalty, Determination, Dedication, Brotherhood)


It takes a team to win, and that team is HOMETOWN! Are you on that team?

MHS students rockin’ in the homecoming parade

????Are you FIRED UP? ????

Students taking center seat on the pride train ????


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