Lack of Water Samples Determine Continued Boil Order


After speaking with City Council member, Rick McDaniel who stated that due to an inadequate number of water samples being provided, the boil order will continue.

The requirement by ADH is that three (3) water samples be sent for testing, and only (2) samples were provided.

Due to Mansfield Public Works not having the extra sample bottles on hand to send the third bottle, additional samples would be delivered when bottles were obtained from Fort Smith sometime today.

The samples will then be taken to ADH in Fort Smith for testing in hopes that the boil order can be lifted tomorrow.

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3 Replies to “Lack of Water Samples Determine Continued Boil Order”

  1. Penny S Boatright says:

    Why am I not surprised? All it takes is a phone call to find out what is needed. I wish city council had voted to take his power away, as vindictive as Austin is it’s scary what he might accomplish before the people can get him out, he’s obviously not going to leave of his own accord. Spiteful ugly man. Exactly why school board took his keys and escorted him off the property before he could do any more damage.

  2. Zachary Brown says:

    Ugh. I seen Mansfield water department truck at CVS. Recon they needed water.

  3. Peggy DeHart says:

    It has been known for weeks that water samples would have to be provided to lift the boil order but no one thought it necessary to see if bottles were available to send required samples . Ridiculous!

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