Water Sample Results Ruled Negative


The results of the Mansfield City water samples have come back as negative, boil order will continue.

RP learned of this news after talking with City Council member, Rick McDaniel who stated that the results from the water samples taken to City of Fort Smith.

City of Mansfield will take new samples have to be taken this coming Wednesday (12/27/2017), and Thursday (12/28/2017). When those samples are collected, they have to be sent to Little Rock for a more thorough testing procedure.”

Sample test results will not be known until this Friday (12/29/2017), and will decide the continued length or lifting of the boil order.

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2 Replies to “Water Sample Results Ruled Negative”

  1. Gary says:

    We pay 25 dollars a month for save drinking water but y’all should not change money for bad water that u have to boil before using it

  2. Clifton says:

    This is why Austin needs to be ousted out of office.

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