Waldrons Girls Golf, Pack Their (golf) Bags and Head to State


By Megan Hecox

Waldron High School Seniors Rena Owens and Madison Patrick are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this Wednesday. Both girls have qualified for State and come Wednesday morning, they will be headed to Fairfield Bay to compete in the Tournament.

This will be Madison’s first trip to State and although a little nervous, she is mostly excited. Rena went to State as a freshman when the girls’ golf team she was on ended up qualifying. The Girls Golf State Tournament is on Thursday, September 27th with tee off at 9 am. The Lady Bulldogs will go a day early so they can get a practice round in before the actual Tournament starts.

The Waldron Bulldog Community is super excited and unbelievably proud of these two girls. The towns Bulldog spirit will be traveling with them to the Mountain Ranch Golf Club in Fairfield Bay. Good luck ladies!

Photos provided by Sandy Tull


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